To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

Acquired resources

The national level document acquisitions policy implemented in 2011 and 2012 is continuing today with the ISTEX project and the acquisition of new resources.
The following resources can already be accessed by the higher education and research community:


Brill – journals 220 scientific journal titles published by Brill from its origins up to 2012, dedicated mainly to the humanities, social sciences, international law and the rights of man, and biology.
British Medical Journal – journals 64 titles dating from the period between the start of publications to 2013 inclusive.
Classiques Garnier Numérique Le Grand Corpus des dictionnaires : 24 dictionaries covering the evolution of the French language from the ninth to the twentieth century (nearly 200,000 pages, over 900,000 entries and definitions);Le Grand Corpus des grammaires français, des remarques et des traités sur la langue which gathers together three sub-corpora – the French grammar manuals from the Renaissance, the French grammar manuals from the 17th century and notes on the French language.
De Gruyter – journals Slightly over 500 titles covering the period from 1826 to 2012.
Elsevier – journals More than 2200 titles of scientific journals published by Elsevier, from their origins to 2001.
Emerald – journals 362 titles of scientific journals published by Emerald, mainly in business, management and economy, from 1898 to 2010 inclusive.
Gale Cengage Learning – ECCO A digital version of texts published in the United Kingdom in the 18th century (over 136,000 titles).
Institute of Physics Publishing – journals 108 titles of scientific journals published by the Institute of Physics, from their origins up to 2012.
Nature – journals Nature, the general scientific reference journal, from its origin (1869) up to 2012.Seven Nature branded journals from their origins up to 2012: Nature Reviews Immunology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Chemistry, Nature Immunology, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.
New Pauly Online The reference encyclopaedia for sciences of Antiquity, in its English and German versions.
Oxford University Press – journals 264 titles of scientific journals published by the prestigious Oxford University Press, from their origins until 2010.
ProQuest – Early English Books Online A digital version of all works printed between 1473 and 1700 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the British colonies in North America as well as works in the English language printed elsewhere (125,000 works).
Recueils des cours de l’Académie de La Haye 338 volumes of classes run by the La Haye Academy of international law, from their origins (1923) up to 2012, which form an encyclopaedic collection concerning international law15 colloquium titles (1969-2008)8 titles of the Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations (2000-2008)7 titles of The Law Books of the Academy (1988-2010).
Royal Society of Chemistry – journals 118 titles of scientific journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, from their origins to 2010.
Sage – journals Over 600 journals for a period running from 1847 to 2009.
Springer – ebooks A set of digital books published by Springer from 1995 to 2004 (7500 titles).
Springer – journals All journals published by Springer for periods from the first edition up to 1996 (over 1000 journal titles).
Wiley – journals Nearly 2200 scientific journal titles from 1791 to 2011.


The details of resources that have been acquired or are in the process of negotiation, as well as the text of signed licences can be found at:

Important: the establishments that wish to access the resources negotiated by a national licence must first declare their IP address on the dedicated application: While waiting for the implementation of the ISTEX platform, this identification will allow them to access the negotiated resources via the environments of the publishers concerned.

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