To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

Advanced services

Value added services

On the base of the basic platform services, we are currently working towards proposing three types of value added services:

  1. A response motor that offers automatic classification tools. Given the final volume of data in ISTEX, the results of enquiries could correspond to very large collections of documents that will need to be classified, and not presented in the form of a flat linear list. The CILLEX project, led by CLLE Toulouse, aims to fulfill this need. Its aim is to develop metrological tools, founded on the structures of small world networks that are omnipresent in the documentary bases, to better identify the pertinent information.
  2. Characterisation of the evolution of research and knowledge with time, thanks to the construction of diachronic maps. This project, ISTEX-R, is carried out by LORIA, ATILF and the INIST. It targets the creation of tools for access to textual content, to build on and capitalise knowledge in a given scientific domain. It has as its aim to complete the basic platform by an analysis of content, to characterise the evolution of research and knowledge with time.
  3. An open source library of Xml exploitation components of the ISTEX corpus. This project, LorExplor, is directed to the identification of who is involved in a scientific thematic to help scientific piloting. It proposes to constitute an open source library of Xml components to construct research systems, corpus exploration servers, and data curation chains. The aim is to simplify the construction of intermediate platforms (regional, thematic, or institutional), so that it will take only several days for documentalists, analysing from 100,000 to 1,000,000 documents, to reply to specific needs (special survey, bibliography, meta-analysis, etc.).
investissement d'avenir

Financement : ANR-10-IDEX-0004-02