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Brill, Royal Society of Chemistry, Nature and Elsevier: the collection of resources acquired under a national IP is growing

The ISTEX programme is an “Investment for the Future” project funded by the French Commissariat-General for Investment and National Research Agency (ANR) and has started the year well with signature of four national licences.

As well as the agreement with Brill, three new agreements were finalized at the start of 2014 to provide the higher education and research community with new document resources. This means that now around six million articles from nearly 2,500 of the most prestigious scientific journals are accessible for the entire higher education and research community.

The national licence signed with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) covers 118 journals or around 219,000 articles published between 1841 and 2010, mainly in chemistry. The agreement with the Nature Publishing Group covers all archives of the prestigious journal Nature from 1869 to 2012 inclusive as well as the archives of seven other specialist journals in immunology, biology, chemistry and neurosciences for a total of around 400,000 articles. Finally the contract with Elsevier covers nearly 2250 titles published since their first issues (1823) up to 2001 or around 5.7 million scientific articles from this major scientific publisher on the world scale.

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