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A new resource acquired under national licence : Emerald

A new corpus has been acquired : Emerald : the licence signed with the English publisher provides access to 362 journals, mainly in business, management and economy fields, from 1898 to 2010 inclusive. Like the sixteen other corpora acquired under national licences since the start of the purchasing programme, these contents are accessible on publishers’ […]

Resources selected in 2015

Following the second ISTEX call for tender launched in Spring 2015, the third list of selected resources for a potential national purchasing was approved. These resources will be shortly included in the negotiation process managed by the ABES concerning contents and pricing conditions. The final decision of purchasing depends on the result of the negotiation, […]

Meetings with publishers, October 24th and 28th 2014, slide presentations

Two meetings with all the national and international publishers involved took place on October 24th and 28th 2014. The aim of these meetings was to take stock and make a first assessment of ISTEX acquisitions and outline prospects for the future. We invite you to consult the speakers’ slide presentations: • General Presentation of the […]

Resources selected in 2014

Following a first selection of resources mainly given over to journal archives, a new selection dedicated to specialist resources has been approved. The choices of resources were based on: – analyses carried out by Scientific and Technical Information professionals, analyses which were completed in some cases by a qualitative analysis of one or several researchers. […]

The first national ISTEX licence signed with Brill

ISTEX Launched in 2012, ISTEX is an “Investment for the Future” project financed by the general investment commission and the National Research Agency. Its aim is the massive acquisition of electronic documents, notably the archives of scientific journals, with the intention of building a common base for all French researchers, academic-researchers, and students. ISTEX is […]

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