To build the base of the national digital scientific library.


The project

ISTEX, the Investment in the Future, is more than a library: certainly it has all the characteristics of such as it offers the retrospective digital archiving of Science, but far beyond this, the ISTEX project is intended to offer all the means currently available of consultation and analysis in all scientific communities. The executive board […]

The partners

ISTEX’s steering committee is part of the BSN (Digital Scientific Library), the mixed mutualisation structure (universities, research organizations and Grandes Écoles) set up by the MESR in 2010. BSN is a work programme which is part of the 2012 strategic document on research infrastructures whose main lever for action was the creation of a political […]

The governance

Istex is governed by two bodies: the executive committee is made up of representatives of the four partner institutions with a representative from the MISTRD (Scientific and Technical Information and Information Resource Network Mission) at all meetings. This committee meets regularly to discuss the project’s progress, arbitrates if required and makes decisions which then need […]

Communication documents

To help you communicate with both your own institution and the researchers concerned by the survey, we are providing a communication kit which you can use and adapt according to your own requirements: a text presenting the ISTEX project in two versions: a long version for decision-makers like directors of institutions, scientific committees, lab directors […]

investissement d'avenir

Financement : ANR-10-IDEX-0004-02