To build the base of the national digital scientific library.


Submitting a bid

The call for bids is closed. An open call for bids process is scheduled for products whose suppliers cannot guarantee that they have exclusive rights on the contents or if a substantial part of those contents are in the public domain.   Licence All resources acquired under a national licence will be covered by a […]

Meetings with publishers, October 24th and 28th 2014, slide presentations

Two meetings with all the national and international publishers involved took place on October 24th and 28th 2014. The aim of these meetings was to take stock and make a first assessment of ISTEX acquisitions and outline prospects for the future. We invite you to consult the speakers’ slide presentations: • General Presentation of the […]

Presentation of the programme

With the ISTEX project, the French world of Scientific and Technical Information is preparing to receive a new tool in the field of access to electronic scientific documentation. This project aims to offer on-line access to a maximum of digital publications in all disciplines to the whole of the French research and higher education communities, […]

Staying informed

To receive regular information, you can now register to receive our information list for publishers by using this link:…. Istexpublishers is a moderated information mailing list for publishers. It is not a list for discussion as only messages from ISTEX programme administrators will be posted although there may be exceptions. Registration requests will need […]

investissement d'avenir

Financement : ANR-10-IDEX-0004-02