To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

Tests and inquiries

Investigations of requirements

To offer access to the whole of the scientific and technical literature to researchers, academics, and other players of research and higher level education requires above all a precise knowledge of their needs. A survey launched amongst researchers and academic-researchers in August 2012, which ran until the end of October 2012, allowed their documentary requirements […]


A first call to tender was launched at the international level in October 2012, which allowed publishers to propose 236 documentary products. A first selection of 25 resources was made, taking into account the results of the survey into researchers’ requirements, which had been carried out in the autumn of 2012. Amongst the 236 offers, […]

2013 Resources

Publishers proposed 236 document products following the first call to tender and 146 resources which were more specialized or new to France were tested during a national campaign run from October 1st to November 30th 2013. This full-size test enabled communities of researchers to get to know the products and give their opinions on their […]


The ISTEX national test was run from October 1st to November 30th 2013, giving access to 146 document resources covering a wide spectrum of disciplines. An online survey enabled researchers and academic researchers to give their opinions on their contents. Objective: evaluate the scientific value and interest of the resources on offer in the light […]

investissement d'avenir

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