To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

The resources

Resources selected in 2015

Following the second ISTEX call for tender launched in Spring 2015, the third list of selected resources for a potential national purchasing was approved. These resources will be shortly included in the negotiation process managed by the ABES concerning contents and pricing conditions. The final decision of purchasing depends on the result of the negotiation, […]

Acquired resources

The national level document acquisitions policy implemented in 2011 and 2012 is continuing today with the ISTEX project and the acquisition of new resources. The following resources can already be accessed by the higher education and research community:   Brill – journals 220 scientific journal titles published by Brill from its origins up to 2012, […]

Resources selected in 2014

Following a first selection of resources mainly given over to journal archives, a new selection dedicated to specialist resources has been approved. The choices of resources were based on: – analyses carried out by Scientific and Technical Information professionals, analyses which were completed in some cases by a qualitative analysis of one or several researchers. […]

Bids submitted

First ISTEX call to tender : October 2012 – January 10 2013 The first ISTEX call to tender was launched internationally in October 2012 and ended on January 10th 2013. Publishers made 236 offers of document resources covering a very broad disciplinary spectrum. Consult the list of resources offered in response to the first ISTEX […]

Resources selected in 2013

Following the first ISTEX call to tender which ended on January 10th 2013, the first list of eligible resources was approved. Price negotiations concerning the acquisition of these resources are still ongoing. The first resources selected are essentially journal archives which follows the results of the survey on researchers’ requirements carried out in autumn 2012. […]

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