To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

Resources selected in 2014

Following a first selection of resources mainly given over to journal archives, a new selection dedicated to specialist resources has been approved.

The choices of resources were based on:
– analyses carried out by Scientific and Technical Information professionals, analyses which were completed in some cases by a qualitative analysis of one or several researchers.
– the results of the national survey of researchers and lecturers during the national ISTEX test campaign run from October 1st to November 30th 2013.

Discipline Publisher Resource Coverage Volumetrics
Legal sciences Taylor & Francis Ebook packages Politics & International Relations 1977 – 2012 1492 titles
Economic sciences and management Emerald Business, Management & Economic eBook Series Collection 1991 – 2008 502 titles
Wiley Online Books – Business, Economics, Finance & Accounting 1998 – 2011 461 titles
Sage Research Methods Online 1970 – 2012 750 titles
Sciences and technical subjects Royal Society of Chemistry ebook complete collection 1968 – 2013 1968 – 2013 1200 titles
Geological Society of London Special Publications Full archive: SP001 – SP300 1964 – 2008 300 titles
Elsevier Collection of encyclopaedias in Earth sciences and sciences of the universe n/a 9 titles
Springer Sciences “thematique”: complete English collections of ebooks in Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry and Material Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering From the start of publication to 2013 33,527 titles
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