To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

The first national ISTEX licence signed with Brill


Launched in 2012, ISTEX is an “Investment for the Future” project financed by the general investment commission and the National Research Agency. Its aim is the massive acquisition of electronic documents, notably the archives of scientific journals, with the intention of building a common base for all French researchers, academic-researchers, and students. ISTEX is supported by the CNRS, along with 3 other partners-the Couperin consortium, the bibliographic agency of higher education, and the University of Lorraine representing the CPU. This programme also has as an objective the design of a digital platform that conforms to international standards and is accessible from all libraries and French establishments of higher education. Apart from access to available data and metadata, the ISTEX platform will propose added value services based on the processing of data as full texts, notably in view of allowing text and data mining. In current times of budget difficulties for documentation, the ISTEX project allows equal access to these contents for all researchers, academic-researchers, and students, irrespective of their affiliation (University, “Grande Ecole”, research organization, Hospitalo-University Centre etc.).


The agreement signed at the end of December 2013 with Brill opens an access to the archives of scientific journals published by this publishing house, from the first volume to 2012, i.e. more than 125,000 articles, centred on the the humanities, international law, and biology. Additionally, the complete encyclopaedium of sciences of Antiquity, New Pauly Online, as well as its German version Neue Pauly, and the collection of the lessons of the prestigious Hauge international law Academy, major resources in the domains concerned, form part of the acquisitions. Brill was founded in 1683 in Leiden, Holland, and is a scientific publisher of international standing. It is particularly distinguished in the domains of Asiatic studies, the humanities, religious sciences, linguistics, international law, and biology. Brill currently publishes 200 journals each year, and nearly 700 books and works of reference, available in paper and electronic versions. Brill also commercialises databases and collections of primary sources. For further information, see According to Sam Bruinsma, Brill’s vice-president of business development: “Through ISTEX’s innovative approach we are able to provide widespread access to these essential scholarly resources. (…) We are proud that these materials have been selected and that Brill was chosen as the first publisher in this prestigious project.”

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