To build the base of the national digital scientific library.

The partners

ISTEX’s steering committee is part of the BSN (Digital Scientific Library), the mixed mutualisation structure (universities, research organizations and Grandes Écoles) set up by the MESR in 2010. BSN is a work programme which is part of the 2012 strategic document on research infrastructures whose main lever for action was the creation of a political steering committee involving major stakeholders in higher education and research to respond to the STI requirements of all researchers whatever their community and status.

ISTEX is driven by four partners: the CNRS,  the ABES, Couperin, and the University of Lorraine on behalf of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU). Each partner is responsible for well-defined segments which interact and fit together thanks to the joint executive committee in charge of monitoring the project’s coherency and progress in terms of budget, indicators, etc. This executive committee reports to the BSN Steering Committee which decides whether to approve both the directions chosen in terms of services and the list of resources to be negotiated and also makes sure acquisitions are well-balanced in favour of all higher education and research communities.

BSN also provides ISTEX with the support of its working groups. For example the BSN1 group is in charge of digital acquisitions and worked under the coordination of Couperin to prepare the call to tender from publishers along with the survey of education and research communities’ requirements.


Project partner which is the operator for this function

Supporting partners

Survey of research communities’ requirements Couperin Organizations outside Couperin’s scope
Evaluation and selection platform resources Couperin Organizations outside Couperin’s scope
Negotiation and acquisition ABES Couperin
Managing access and rights ABES ISTEX beneficiaries
Indexing resources ABES  
Data hosting and usage CNRS  
Development of value-added services CNRS Scientific communities
Analysis of use and usages CNRS  
Research and services University of Lorraine Scientific communities, INIST-CNRS
Long-term data preservation CNRS CINES
investissement d'avenir

Financement : ANR-10-IDEX-0004-02